[Gimp-user] Is there anything like PS actions for GIMP?

I hate PS...I get lost every time I try to learn it , but having all
of my choices saved to one button is really really nice.  Is there
anything like that for GIMP? I see a Template button, but not sure if
that's what im looking for .  Right now, when I edit my screenshots
for my story, i use contrast, sharpen and soft glo.  I have my
contrast settings saved but It would be nice if I could save
everything I do to one button.

I am still very much a beginner with GIMP and have never used scripts
or anything like that.  Im sure I haven't touched on most of the
things your can do, so if its a simple answer, be gentle!!

Thanks in advance.

Gimp does not have a macro function, nothing like PS actions.

The Template is for making a new size canvas with some settings.

The usual advice is write your own plugin/script, and that is a real put-off for
a beginner.

There are plugins that are a little easier to script. There is one gmic, which
provides several hundred filters, where you can easily save preset values or
wrap several filters in a script.

Not an easy subject on this type of mailing list forum.

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