[Gimp-user] Poppler-glib for Windows build

OK, I finally found the way to make the package manager think that it had
V2.24.31 - files gtk+-2.0.pc and gtk+-win32-2.0.pc in folder
msys64\mingw64\lib\pkgconfig had to be edited.

That just leaves the problem of how to get poppler-data recognised

Hi Jehan,

I managed to resolve the dependency on poppler-glib but not
poppler-data as yet. In the meantime I updated the packages using
pacman to get the recommended version of gtk+-2.0 (V2.24.32 instead of
V2.24.31) - big mistake - the dll file is now 3.8 kB instead of the
version 2.24.31 file which was 5.7 kB - trying to build GIMP with the
V2.24.32 version throws errors. Whilst I have a copy of the V2.24.31
dll I can't find the relevant place to alter the version of the
package that the system thinks it has installed. So for the time being
I'm stuck.

If it helps anyone else, the steps I followed to get poppler-glib
installed (at least to the point where the GIMP build doesn't complain
about a missing dependency) were as follows:

Download file poppler-0.44.0.tar.xz from

Extract the contents of the downloaded file and move the contents of
the V0.44 folder into folder poppler (rather than leaving them in a

cd poppler



./configure --prefix=$PREFIX

make -j4

make install - j4

programmer_ceds (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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