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On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 7:42 PM, programmer_ceds <forums gimpusers com> wrote:
I am trying to build the version of GIMP that requires poppler-glib.

I have tried cloning from git

git clone

I have then changed to the poppler folder and run ./  --prefix=$PREFIX

then ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX

When I run make I get errors of the form that
cairo_pattern_mesh_set_control_point is undefined and a suggestion that
cairo_mesh_pattern_set_control_point be used instead.

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

Well this is probably the wrong place to ask about *building poppler*.
For this, you should ask to poppler mailing list/bug tracker/whatever
they use.
Maybe they have some bug on their HEAD, I guess.

This said, why do you even build it? Don't you have at least poppler
0.44.0 and poppler-data 0.4.7 in your distribution (assuming you use
These are like 2 years old. Any Linux distribution should already have
these versions or you are using a very outdated distribution.


Also any information on satisfying the poppler-data requirement.

I have sorted the other recent requirements for an updated glib and
mypaint-brushes but am struggling here.

programmer_ceds (via
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