[Gimp-user] UI/Tools Lagging (Windows 7)

Thanks for the reply! Not much has changed-- I really only run Firefox, GIMP,
Inkscape, and Atom on this laptop. And Inkscape only gets used a couple times
per week, and rarely at the same time as GIMP. Inkscape was not running when the
GIMP problems started, but Firefox was. Firefox was running but not actively
being utilized. I hadn't really used Firefox on this laptop for several days
prior to the problems starting. I haven't installed or removed any programs. My
usage of FF on this laptop is pretty limited, I mostly run class videos and
related webpages on it. No videos were playing when the problems started. The
problems started on Tuesday, and I hadn't run any videos on this laptop during
the weekend, nor did I run any videos on Monday.

I don't think there's been any system updates, either.

Inkscape was also having uncharacteristic problems over the weekend, before the
GIMP problems started. Firefox is running as normal, no slowdowns. Right now I
have FF and GIMP open. I'm mystified as to what the issue is, since this laptop
has had no trouble running GIMP and FF concurrently until now.

What has changed on your computer system in the past few days? It
be programs you've installed or removed, or a system update, or a
change to the way your virus checker runs, or a change in the way
you're using another program - e.g. you've started watching a live
youtube feed :)
With only 4G of RAM installed, you are likely to have problems running
more than one program at a time. I know, I know, that was a lot of
memory only milliseconds ago. See e.g.


slave liam (ankh)

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