[Gimp-user] jpeg files not recognised

Gimp doesn't use the registry. The Gimp profile(*) contains a
file that configures all the plugins that Gimp found on startup. In
of trouble you can check that one (or at least make a copy for someone
in the know)

(*) http://www.gimp.org/tutorials/GIMPProfile/

The writeup is helpful, though it appears to be out of date.  In my 2.10.6,
there is no .gimp-2.10.

I suspect I somehow told GIMP to look in the wrong folders for file-jpeg.exe,
file-png.exe, etc.
Since these are in ${gimp_plug_in_dir}\\plug-ins\\file-jpeg\\ and
${gimp_plug_in_dir}\\plug-ins\\file-png\\ respectively, I could have lost a
pointer to the common upstream folder, ${gimp_plug_in_dir}\\plug-ins\.

(I added a private folder to the list in Edit/Preferences/Folders/Plug-ins.  I
could have missed an "Oops".)

Punchcard (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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