[Gimp-user] UI/Tools Lagging (Windows 7)

I've got some issues that literally started this week. Last week, GIMP was
running nicely, as it always had. Since yesterday, it's been almost unusable.

I have tried upgrading to 2.10, uninstalling everything and reinstalling 2.10,
uninstalling everything again and downgrading to 2.8.22.

What IS working: loading, saving, and exporting are fine, they're no slower than
usual. Key commands for the tools work, mostly.

The issues:
1) Tools lagging: let's say I use the Clone tool. After making a selection, the
brush won't follow the cursor as I use the tool. When I clone over an area, the
brush stays at the point where I made my selection. When I click to make another
selection elsewhere, the brush jumps to the new point. Let's say I use the Free
Select tool. When I click to place an anchor point, the line between anchor
points doesn't follow the cursor as I move it to the next spot. The line will
only appear between anchor points when I place the next one.

2) UI not responding: I cannot click on tool buttons in the sidebar with mouse
or trackpad. I can't scroll up or down on the image with the mouse wheel. I also
can't use the mouse wheel to change the zoom or the tool settings, such as brush
size or angle.

3) Cursor not changing with tools: If I switch from Clone to Smudge, the Clone
icon on the cursor will not be replaced with the Smudge icon.

If I switch to another program and then back to GIMP, the issues resolve
themselves momentarily. They'll start again as soon as I do anything within the
program. Obviously, I can't be clicking back and forth between programs every 30

Sometimes, the problems don't all happen together. But they're all happening and
none of these were an issue a few days ago. What can I do to try and address
this? What's a possible cause?

The computer: HP G62 running Windows 7. Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU, M 460 @
2.53GHz, 3.80GB usable RAM, 64-bit OS,

PixelZapper (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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