Re: [Gimp-user] New User Need Help Enlarging/Enhancing Image

On Mon, Aug 13, 2018 at 01:00:53PM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
On Sunday 12 August 2018 18:21:33 nickib wrote:

I had a friend play with both the iPhone images and the camera images
using Lightroom. Would it be ok if I uploaded both the RAW (KDC)
images and the ones she edited to get a better idea of what
enlargement IS possible?  I’m at the point where even if I cannot use
it for the 48x24 size it’s too beautiful to not do something with it!
I appreciate any help!  Thanks.

Here is one that was taken from my camera and edited in Lightroom.  I
have no idea how large this would be able to be printed.  Do you?  Is
there anywhere online I can submit several pictures to see how large
they can be made without losing quality?  I really want to use this
picture somehow!  Thanks again.


404, you cannot use a parenthesis in the url.

It works in firefox for viewing it, in wget escape both parenthesis
with \ i.e. _\(F ... e\).jpg

As to Nick's question - the "things" in the middle of the pier
(bump-stops?) are probably the limiting factor, together with how
close you are when you view it.  2048 pix wide is quite a small size
for a modern raw image (I've put some of my own online as png at that
size, fine for traditional PC monitors but not suitable for making
large prints).

If your friend can provide a larger version of this image, from
lightroom, in png format then you can probably make bigger prints.

The real questions are:

What formats/sizes does the printing company take, and what are
*your* views on image quality ?  In my own case I get really screwed
up by angular distortions (camera not pointing straight ahead) but I
tend to be fairly permissive about other things.

I say "printing company" because you clearly don't have a big
printer of your own.  The physical limit is probably specified by
what they can accept (format, colourspace, perhaps ppi, perhaps file
size).  And I have no idea what size _you_ would find acceptable,
nor how much you would have to pay - if the cost is not excessive,
maybe print a not-enormous version to see what you think of the

Also see the thread "How to export jpeg without loss of quality?"
which might have some relevant suggestions.

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