[Gimp-user] 8 and 1 bit images

Opps that didn't work (convert to 1 bit) which resulted in an error
when I attempted to save as a TIFF file (TIFF save cannot handle
indexed images with alpha channel.)
I should I guess explain what I am trying to do. I am creating photo
realistic scenery for use withing Flight Simulator X.
What I have to do is create a 'water mask' which is done by creating a
layer and then using that layer to 'paint out' all the water areas
using a BRUSH which is of  color BLACK (0,0,0). This I have already
done. I select that layer and then convert it to 1 bit and then
attempt to EXPORT it as a TIFF image with NO COMPRESSION. That is when
I get the error. Is there a way around that.

Sorry I forgot to mention that for this 'water mask' I do NOT need shading.
For the 'blend mask' I do need shading but that is the one I need to have as a
grayscale 8 bit image which I think I am ok with now

jgarnold (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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