[Gimp-user] 8 and 1 bit images

I would like to save some images as both 8 bit 256 grayscale image and
also 1 bit (2 color black and white).
I see I can convert an image to grayscale but how do you select that
you want to save the image as an 8 bit image. Also how do I save a 1
bit (2 color black and white) as a 1 bit image or is it sufficient to
save as an 8 bit image?

oops.. missed the main question, Convert to grayscale Image -> Mode -> Grayscale

Export the image as a png or a jpeg (jpeg will use its 8 bit grayscale mode) or
probably a tiff as well.

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rich404 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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