[Gimp-user] Installing HELP files problem

HELLO:  Mac mini (Mid 2010) 4 GB mem, over 400 Gig free on HD.
Downloaded/Installed Sierra Mac OS today and updated GIMP to the
2.8.18 version also.

Clicking on GIMP HELP or CONTEXT HELP leads me to a blank page!

SO, I downloaded the GIMP HELP files and was able to Extract the files
into the Folder titled     gimp-help-2.8.1

HELP!! Now, how do I set this up to install it into Gimp, or to have
GIMP access these HELP FILES?

Thanks for the replies!
I think I will just stick with the on-line version of the HELP files!

JayGee59 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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