[Gimp-user] Bug in "arrow" plugin, possible bug with tear-off menus

Thanks, programmer_ceds. Yes, I saw your page on the registry but 
didn't follow the link to the actual script. My bad.

(BTW, I got your post to the list hours after my previous replies.
had been happening for the last year or two I was on the list -- I'd
posts out of order, and delayed up to a day or more. Maybe it's
to why the mailman server was getting bounces from me and kicked me
the list.)

I just now tried your script and it works. Looking at the code, you
change gimp-brush-set-radius to gimp-context-set-brush-size (which is 
the only thing I did), plus of course much more to support curves.
work, all of it.

I think I saw one small problem in that if the path has more than two 
points and "double headed arrows" is turned on the script uses the 
path's first and second points instead of first and last like the
warning says (nice touch having the popup). And if you're in the mood 
for coding I'd suggest adding another toggle to change between
and relative values instead of using negative numbers for relative as 
per the original script. But it's not that important.

If the registry ever gets working again I think yours should replace
original because it's a complete superset of the that one's 
functionality. Thanks again for your work.

The script was really only intended to work with a path of 2 points only but I
will look at modifying it to place the second arrow at the final point of the

Having just checked, there is also an issue if a single arrow head is drawn
based on the last point of a path with more than two points - the centre of the
arrow doesn't lie along the final segment of the path. The easy approach would
be to only allow the script to work on paths with two points but I'll think
about it.

Regarding the relative/absolute values - there are two of the controls where
this would have to be done if they are to operate independently and give the
greatest flexibility. Again I'll think about this.

programmer_ceds (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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