[Gimp-user] can't keep proportions

hello, i'm making an image which needs to have a certain width and
length. problem is that when i use the tool Filters > Decor > Border
and add the same exact number of px the Y and X columns, the image
does not maintain proportions with the border added. why?it should add
the same exact amount of pixels to the x and to y and keep proportions
but it doesn't.  thanks.

If you add the same number of pixels to both the width and the height the aspect
ratio will change UNLESS the image is square (height = width) - this is a simple
consequence of basic arithmetic.

If you want the aspect ratio to be unaltered you will need to add more pixels on
the shortest sides of the image than you do on the longest sides - how may more
being determined by the aspect ratio of the original image.

For example if the image was 400 x 200 pixels adding a 10 pixel border to all
sides would give 420 x 220 - which alters the aspect ratio. Adding 10 pixels
each side and 5 pixels top and bottom gives 420 x 210 which preserves the aspect

programmer_ceds (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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