Re: [Gimp-user] Bug in "arrow" plugin, possible bug with tear-off menus

On 12/19/2016 02:20 AM, mark_at_yahoo via gimp-user-list wrote:

Problem #2: Tear-off menus (2.8.16 again) don't work, at least in my
environment (Linux, X11, FVWM window manager). For example,
right-click-and-hold in an image window, move down to "Colors >", move
across to the submenu and down to "Invert" and release -- that works.
But right-click-and-hold, move down to "Colors >", move across to the
top "-----" line and release to create a tear-off menu. Then in that new
"Colors" menu/window, click on "Invert" and nothing happens. (Actually,
something does -- the message area in the lower right corner of the
image window changes to say "Invert the colors", but the image doesn't
change.) Same (no)thing with menu items that should pop up a dialog
window, like "Levels...". But doing a deeper submenu from the tear-off
menu, like "Map >" and then "Alien map..." from there does work.

I couldn't find this on Bugzilla. Can anyone else recreate it? 

To duplicate this behavior, use the tear off menu function on Linux.
That's it:  As far as I know, it's the same with all distros and window
managers:  I have seen it on Ubuntu and Mint (both Debian based) and
under Gnome, Cinnamon and XFCE4.  I think it's a GTK+ thing but don't
quote me on that.

Work-around:  Left click the menu item on the torn-off menu to select
it, then press the space bar on your keyboard to "make it work."

Why/how the space bar does that is way above my pay grade.  It's been
that way for so long that I don't remember if I stumbled on the space
bar trick by myself, found it by searching the network or read it here.
But I do recall posting something about it, and at least one "real"
expert replying to the effect that she had the same problem and did not
know there was a work around.


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