[Gimp-user] Basic image editing

Attached is image sample, its 600dpi. It's a bit tricky: I need retain
existing image resolution and size of all artwork and text inside that
rounded card, the size of image is a little smaller than the size of
green bleed line. So, in order to get edge to edge printing, I want
extend only backround to all 4 sides of image to cover bleed line.

Oh dear, this is what happens with no planning. Good in one way, your image has
a resolution of 600ppi, a little over-the-top but better than too low a value.
For sending to a printer 300 ppi is suitable unless they ask for more. Leave it
as 600 ppi and see what happens.

always a but...

You will be better off starting from scratch using all the tools that Gimp
provides, layers, layer-mask, gimp guides, selections. Trying to modify the
existing image will end up, less than wonderful.

The patterns are standard Gimp, sky and pine, however the sky pattern does not
extend outside the 'safe area' and the other colours and pattern do.

Attached, is a scaled up to 600 ppi template with the image recreated. If you
turn on the guides, View menu -> Show Guides, you will see, plenty of them. Get
in the habit of using them. These only exist in Gimp, they are not printed.

For adding text, put your text layers under mask layer, there is one there
already as an indicator.

When complete and ready for printing, turn off the visibility of the top layer.
That will leave only the crop marks used by the printer. Rounded corners are
part of the printing process, cut out by the printing company.

rich: www.gimp-forum.net

* http://www.gimpusers.com/system/attachments/363/original/CR80_Template-600ppi.xcfgz

rich2005 (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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