[Gimp-user] gimp 2.8.18 issue on osx

Hello there,

first of all i apologise if someone had already asked about it, but i have been
trying to resolve a number of issues between my mac and gimp for about past 6 or
8 hours and i feel like i am nowhere near finishing my job.

i have installed the latest available version from the official site and have
installed it on my mac which is currently running on a shitty el captain
(seriously considering to get rid of this sucker...). previous version for some
reason wouldn't let me use the option "save as" - it would only show the widow
for few seconds - therefore i couldn't finish any job...

anyway... the problem here is of course bloody mac doesn't recognise anything
that hasn't been downloaded from an app store - and yes i have read that topic
already and got it to work, My problem is, it doesn't open a transparent png
file that i have downloaded and i need it to finish my job.... is here ANYTHING
you can think of that could help me solve this issue?

thank you for your attention :)

yggdrasil (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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