Re: [Gimp-user] bewildered newbie query

i've attached a .png screen capture; hopefully you can see it.

you can see that the .gz unzipped to 517 .jp2 files. i can only reason to
deal with these 517 sequential files as a slideshow .. can you think of
another way?
 i can see no way to display a slide show other than 'fullscreen';
fullscreen seems to be the only way that irfanview will display a
slideshow. but fullscreen obliterates access to the the touchpad keyboard
and the iv toolbar and obliterates access to almost everything: the only
option that i can still control is 'shutdown' and 'restart'! ... nor do i
have a mouse.
although i repeatedly opted for it, the toolbar does not contain the
buttons for 'next page' and 'previous page' - even if i were able to access

/s/ Neal Weissman

On Fri, Oct 2, 2015 at 7:33 PM, Bob Long <bob oblong com au> wrote:

Neal Weissman wrote on 03/10/15 02:32:

irfanview is indeed lauded for being plenary but i haven't had success
with it: irfanview's toolbar should as you say contain a “proceed to the
successor page” button but i don't see it - i only see a “progress to
the next *file* ” button. also, the toolbar appears only in one or two
views - the default view is full screen which does present the toolbar.

I don't understand your distinction between successor "page" and "file".
You say your "book" consists of many images, one per page. As far as
image editors/viewers are concerned, an image is a file (ignoring
complications like layers).

I've never known Irfanview to default to starting full screen, but it is
an option in the preferences, anyway.

Even when you are in full screen, the left and right keyboard arrows
navigate backwards/forwards to the next image in the directory.

Attempting to read a book by individual images seems to be the root
problem. Perhaps try converting them to something like an .epub e-book
format and then use an e-book reader. I've not ever done that from
images, but there are converters out there. But even that will have
difficulties, given the text will not be able to flow to suit screen size.

and iv is most unfriendly to touchpad keyboards. thus, iv has thus far
been of no use to me although it was one of the first that i tried -
that's why i'm still searching. (btw, many softwares - including
Windows! and Google's Gmail- are inconsiderate of touchpad keyboards.)

Can't help you there. What exactly is the device you are using?

Bob Long

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