Re: [Gimp-user] Cannot decode a Raw file from Pentax machine

Michael Schumacher ha scrito il 13/12/2014 alle 00:55:
On 13.12.2014 00:29, antonio montagnani wrote:

for my information, why does it work when such line is deleted? do you
mean that bug is connected to ufraw-plugin (therefore to ufraw)??

Yes. File plug-ins tell GIMP the magic numbers of the file formats they
can handle. And this is when used to select the plug-in to handle a file

The magic number is a feature that allows to identify the file format -
or at least guess it reasonably well. See for more
information about this.

I think that I am hit by this bug:

I suppose that modification has not yet hit the Fedora repos.
Antonio M
Skype: amontag52

Linux Fedora F21 (Twenty one)
on Fujitsu Lifebook A512

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