[Gimp-user] Cannot decode a Raw file from Pentax machine

In the past The Gimp+Ufraw worked fine, I could open a raw file from my Pentax reflex with no issue, suddenly one year ago when I try to open, it doesn't work, I get a window importing from TIFF and another window-TIFF directory is missing required "ImageLength" field.
A friend found out this workaround:

whith 0.19.2-6 version installed edit the .gimp-2.8/pluginrc file
in user home, search the lines

(extension "3fr,ari,arw,cap,cine,cr2,crw,cs1,dc2,dcr,dng,erf,fff,hdr,ia,iiq,jpeg,jpg,k25,kc2,kdc,mdc,mef,mos,mrw,nef,nrw,orf,pef,pxn,qtk,r3d,raf,raw,rdc,rw2,rwl,sr2,srf,srw,sti,tif,tiff,ufraw,x3f")
            (magic "0,string,II*\\0,0,string,MM\\0*,0,string,<?xml")
            (thumb-loader "file-ufraw-load-thumb"))

delete the line


Of course any time that a new version of Gimp, I have to edit the pluginrc file.

Any idea?
Please see also:

Antonio M
Skype: amontag52

Linux Fedora F21 (Twenty one)
on Fujitsu Lifebook A512


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