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i have been a total beginger in gimp during many months
because i could not achieve anything (that is : nothing).
The obstacle was for very basic actions : how to handle selections.
That seems at first (and at second, and third too) extremely esoteric.

As a consequence i think a basic tutorial should intensely explain
what are the floating selections and why there are there and how to
use them basicaly (leaving the 'how to use them efficiently'
for a more advanced tutorial).


Le 09/10/2013 23:27, admin pilobilus net a écrit :
On 09.10.2013 10:24, Jo Gandaa wrote:

I deliver different Art and I.T based workshops at a community
centre, previously Graphic Design & Digital Editing Training for
During the Graphics training I used Macromedia Fireworks however I
would like to deliver another course using GIMP for practical and
financial reasons.

Proprietary commercial software is absurdly expensive and that rules out its use in a classroom setting 
unless you are
doing a very expensive, vendor endorsed certification class.  But if teaching image editing to beginners is 
the real
objective, there is no excuse for that; the GIMP exists.

I have a tutorial up that provides basic orientation, including how to customize the interface and a couple 
of useful
tweaks like setting up a keyboard + mouse wheel command to change brush size on the fly.  There's also a 
quick intro to
layers and layer masks, and links to suggested resources for practical instruction in common editing tasks.  
You might
be able to pull some useful stuff out of it.



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