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Dear GIMP Mailing List

My name is Joseph, I am a Community Workshop Leader from London.

I deliver different Art and I.T based workshops at a community centre, previously Graphic Design & Digital 
Editing Training for Adults
During the Graphics training I used Macromedia Fireworks however I would like to deliver another course using 
GIMP for practical and financial reasons.
These courses are free for the students to attend, do not have any official qualification behind it and are 
for very basic level but aim to give students knowledge and skill that could help them get into work or 
further education in the future.

I would like to know a few things:

1)      Has anybody taught a course in this or know of any one who has / or attend ?

2)      What are the basic but effective GIMP tutorial books I could look at ?

3)      Are there any Qualifications or available for users wanted to learn GIMP ?

4)      Any tests or examinations ?

Also, feel free to respond with any information you may have, even if it does not necessarily answer one of 
the 4 questions I posted.

Thank you in advance.


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