[Gimp-user] Gimp Photoshop brush setting for Gimpshop

Hi. I would like to see some features in Gimpshop: customising brushes like
in Photoshop. You know that in that software, the brush tab reveals some
settings such as size jitter, dual brush etc. I would like to use all these
settings in Gimp. I have bought a book with a CD with some brushes for
texturing from Marta Dahling. The brushes are cool and Marta provides some
settings on how to modify the brush proprietes for the best results.
Unfortunately, at this stage, Gimp didn't help me to get the settings done,
because it lacks some brush editing settings. If brush editing for Gimpshop
would be the same as in Photoshop, with sliders, percents etc, this would
help me use the brushes properly...and they are ones of the coolest brushes
I've ever seen. This is the last thing I need. Please add this feature.

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