Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp Photoshop brush setting for Gimpshop

Hi Crs Mrn,

On  07.10.2013 at 09:16 P.M., Crs Mrn wrote:
> Hi. I would like to see some features in Gimpshop: customising
> brushes like
in Photoshop.

GIMPShop was based on an older GIMP version (GIMP 2.2, AFAIK).
In the meantime GIMPs brush editing capabilities were improved.
Now many brush effects can be achieved through the Paint Tools settings
and the new Dynamics which were introduced in GIMP 2.8.
You can find it out in the [help] or if you try GIMP from

There are also brush ressources in the web, i.e. [DeviantArt].

While GIMP is a great image manipulation software, other free
software specialized on digital painting, like [MyPaint] and [Krita], might also be a good choice to live out your creativity in painting.

Good luck!



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