[Gimp-user] A way to get Macro+Batch for Gimp ;)

Hi everyone !
For some reason, I was in need for something similar to "actions" in Photoshop.
"Actions" in Photoshop is like a record script : you can record every action you
perform on a single picture, then paste the script on a batch, applying all
actions to multiple pictures.
But as far as I was told, it's impossible in Gimp (but I think I saw somewhere
it's planned)
There is a way to achieve this in Gimp using two plugins I found yesterday :
* First one is gimpscripter : https://github.com/bootchk/gimpscripter
Basically, it's a plugin that makes ... plugins. Shortcuts, to be precise. Once
installed, the plugin UI will let you choose a set of actions (gimp-actions and
script-fu etc) and then record it as a shortcut (unfortunately, the actions set
came for an old gimp version (2.4 or 2.6) so every action provided came from
that, missing some 2.8 features). Be warned, this plugin is not that easy to
* Second one is BIMP : http://www.alessandrofrancesconi.it/projects/bimp/
This one is basically a batch processor, very close to DBP (David's Batch
Processor). The thing is, I was quite happy to see the shortcut I made from
gimpscripter appears in BIMP, because I was then able to apply a full set of
actions to multiple pictures !
Et voilĂ  !
Please let me know if you have found this information helpful !

mushi (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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