Re: [Gimp-user] Histogramm -- values


thank you, Wolfgang, for your reply and sorry I couldn't answer earlier.

On 19.11.2013 at 5:14 AM Wolfgang Hugemann wrote:
>> I'm for using the words value, tonal value, brightness, lightness etc.
>> consistently to avoid further confusion.
>> What are the 'officially defined' or 'most commonly used' names and
>> meanings in these contexts for you, the users?
> Do you think it is the right approach to ask the users? I would rather
> suggest asking someone who has a thorough understanding of colour spaces
> and alike. I could ask Fred Weinhaus (
> to give that a look, as he has a deep understanding of the matter.

Asking someone with a thorough understanding of the topic is the
rationale behind asking the users. The large amount of GIMP users
and the assumption that there must be at least some among them with
a thorough knowledge led me to my proposal. Yes, it's not perfect,
but at least one step into the right direction. If you have an expert
I'd be glad if you asked him and reported back.
Another point that needs clarification is the use and meaning of the
word 'Value' in the Layer and Painting modes.

Elle Stone and Nicolas Robidoux, can you please also have a
look on this topic? Thank you in advance.

> Another approach would be to have a look on what these things are
> called in Photoshop, if you dare ;-).
I'm not feared of Photoshop ;-) Can we assume for sure that the wording
there IS proper (using a wrong word just because PS uses it is no
convincing reason for me)?
Unfortunately I only have the German version and switching languages in
PS is not as easy as in GIMP. So if we want to do this somebody with
an English version is needed.

> I think the word unspecific "value" should be avoided as far as possible.
I agree with you.

Kind regards,


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