Re: [Gimp-user] Histogramm -- values

Am 13.11.2013 22:16, schrieb scl:
I'm for using the words value, tonal value, brightness, lightness etc.
consistently to avoid further confusion.
What are the 'officially defined' or 'most commonly used' names and
meanings in these contexts for you, the users?

Do you think it is the right approach to ask the users? I would rather suggest asking someone who has a thorough understanding of colour spaces and alike. I could ask Fred Weinhaus ( to give that a look, as he has a deep understanding of the matter.

Another approach would be to have a look on what these things are called in Photoshop, if you dare ;-). Normally, I would also suggest to have a look at ImageMagick's nomenclature, but this is also rather questionary in some regards ...

In regard to the HSV colour space, you probably have no other option than calling the V component "value", as this is its name, whether it makes sense or not.

In regard to the histogram of a colour image, I would regard the y-axis as the equivalent grey-value of the colour, i.e. its brightness, lightness or luminance, whatever you would like to call that.

I think the word unspecific "value" should be avoided as far as possible.

Wolfgang Hugemann

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