Re: [Gimp-user] Fonts, Windows 8 and GIMP 2.8.4

On 24.05.2013 18:40, B Beitertje wrote:
Fonts not displaying/working in Gimp 2.8

I am using Gimp 2.8.4.
Win XP Pro, SP3
Had the same problem.
Fixed it by doing this, try it, it might work in your situation too:

Search for the Gimp-file "fonts.conf" (without the quotes)
Make backup copy of this original fonts.conf file.
Paste this copy of original fonts.conf file, rename this copy if necessary.
Edit the fonts.conf file, using a text editor.
Go to the line where it says :

<!-- Font directory list -->
to read :

So this doesn't work because of the . in there (but why would it work on all other windows versions then?)?


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