[Gimp-user] Fonts, Windows 8 and GIMP 2.8.4

Fonts not displaying/working in Gimp 2.8

I am using Gimp 2.8.4.
Win XP Pro, SP3
Had the same problem.
Fixed it by doing this, try it, it might work in your situation too:

Search for the Gimp-file "fonts.conf" (without the quotes)
Make backup copy of this original fonts.conf file.
Paste this copy of original fonts.conf file, rename this copy if necessary.
Edit the fonts.conf file, using a text editor.
Go to the line where it says :

<!-- Font directory list -->
to read :

Now type a new line below that line
(this line must show the path to the windows fonts dir on your own computer
so first make sure you know the exact path to the windows fonts dir):
The whole section should now look like this:
<!-- Font directory list -->

Save the font.conf file.
Exit the text editor.
Start Gimp.
Go to Edit,Preferences.
Select "Folders".
Select "Fonts".
In right hand side of font folders dialog box :
Select the "folders" icon.
Type in the exact path to the windows fonts directory you just added to the
fonts.conf. file.
Click OK.
The Prefs Dialog will close.
Open it again, go to the Fonts Dialog box again.
Select the path which you have just added.
Move it to the top position using the green UP arrow.
Click OK.
Close Gimp, Start Gimp.
Your fonts should display and work now.
Not OK ?
Delete the font.conf file you have just edited.
Rename the copy to font.conf
This will bring back the old situation.
Good Luck !

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