[Gimp-user] FotoTouch; WINE

Sure, I'll play with that.  It will probably run under WINE.
Sending me a copy is probably a copyright violation but I won't tell
if you don't, and I seriously doubt that its nominal owner would
care at all, as long as it's not distributed to the whole great
unwashed public.



Indeed, the copyright owner should not mind, considering how long the software
hasn't been sold.  I wouldn't know where to send it, though.  I assume that WINE
is the equivalent of DOS Box -- or whatever it's called -- which I once
installed and never actually used to run the old programs like FotoTouch. 
That'd be cool, to be able to use it on the "new" computer whilst I'm learnin'
my way 'round that GIMP feller......I reckon.

SirCrow (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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