[Gimp-user] Why so COMPLICATED?

Hey SirCrow,

I bet it would help if you were to name the old program you liked so
much.  That would provide a point of reference for the editing
workflow that you're talking about.

It's even possible that something like what you are describing is
possible in the GIMP.  If enough people like the idea of "sliders
for everything" even that might eventually happen.



Hi, Steve.  Thanks for replying.

Logitech's FotoTouch Color is the old app that I loved, despite its limitations.
Didn't mention it this time because none of my previous mentions of it ever
evoked the slightest recognition from respondents.  I believe I'm the only one
on this planet who wishes GIMP had been based on FotoTouch rather than
PhotoShop.  Apparently, nobody wants simple tasks to be.... well, SIMPLE.  I
can't stress (there's a relevant word!) strongly enough how annoying and
frustrating it is when GIMP won't let me do a simple thing that clearly should
be possible without dealing with menus, layers, etc.  And I'm still using
Windows Vista, which similarly infuriates me at times.

There, I've mentioned FotoTouch by name yet again and, as before, nothing will
come of it.  Unless someone out there, as you seem to suggest, has or acquires a
copy of FotoTouch and learns its layout and functionality and actually writes a
lovely little script.  It won't be in time for Christmas, but (hint) my
birthday's in February!  No hurry, really;  I'd just be happy to have it.  Or
how about this:  a plugin for Irfanview that allows more flexible selections, as
well as feathering of edges.  I use Irfanview more often than the GIMP.

Thanks for reading and caring at all.  :o)
(That's the same smiley I usually use.)


SirCrow (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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