Re: [Gimp-user] Error

Did you ever check the amount of storage left on the drive?
Do you have an updated antivirus software?/Infected?
Did you keep Windows updated?

The problem with "older" computers is there's a lot of stuff on them,
a long period of time. Maybe it's a conflict with another program or
that used C++ and now there's a conflict with Gimp?

Have you been able to install any other software other than Gimp

Not to be self inflating, but the thing about restoring the computer
to a point previous to installing Gimp was I believe the best advice.
(I have had tons of used computers over the years and a thousand such
dilemmas. Sometimes the fallback position is best.)
Or as I said getting everything you need off the drive, and running
factory restore discs that came with the computer? But then again,
have to all be updated.
Then again, Vista's nothing to write home about. Win 7 much better.
Search "Windows 7 upgrade" on ebay and right now there are win 7 or 8
versions for like 30+ bucks. Seriously, I had Vista. It stunk.
But you have to look up your computer model and know whether it's
32 or 64 bit version.

On 11/14/12, Sleepingbeautiie <forums gimpusers com> wrote:

'Ight. Maybe I can ask mum to get the upgrade as an early Christmas gift, hah.
But yeah, I'll see what I can do, 'cause way earlier I cleared a bunch of
programs off of my computer to see if it'd help with Gimp... . Then again I
might just be getting my laptop fixed in time for Christmas instead. Thank
goodness for Picmonkey, though. I can wait with Gimp xD

Though, I just re-installed Gimp 2.8 (which I've been using for the past few
months); per se, it loads fine/fast the first time, but when I have to close
it/load it again it loads slower and gives me that C++ Error and stuff, so. MEH.

Sleepingbeautiie (via

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