[Gimp-user] Tearing my hair out

On 11/12/12 16:05, Briyanna wrote:

That's your problem.
Below the window bar that says "Tool Options",
there is another bar-like area that has a left-facing arrow button
on the right side.
Drag from the empty space somewhere to the left of the button.


I see nothing like that here - below the "Toll Options" tab with its icon, it
goes directly into the name of the tool, and then the actual options. The left
facing arrow, located directly to the right of the the tab I have been dragging
only activates a menu, and cannot be dragged.

However, after rebooting my computer, dragging the tab that says "Tool Options"
with the icon (the thing I've been dragging all this time, as the tutorials have
indicated), properly worked; the space highlighted blue, and the tab docked.  I
used the left-facing arrow menu to lock the tab to the dock, so hopefully that
will work, considering that before I moved the tab out, it had been locked.

It appears to be some kind of bug, which I will report - for others having this
issue, suggest a computer reboot, it seems to fix whatever was preventing it
from docking to begin with.

Briyanna (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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