[Gimp-user] getting a screen shot of a screensaver?

Tell GIMP to grab a screenshot of the entire screen after a delay, and 
then immediately after you activate the screenshot, before the delay 
expires, lock the screen so the screensaver kicks in. I tested this and 
it works on Linux; I don't know if it will work on Windows.

Yep, I'm on a Windoze machine.  I have no idea how to "lock the screen so the screensaver kicks in"... 
Googling... I found a way to set up a hot-key trigger... but that leads to more issues.  The hot-key does 
trigger BOINC, but then BOINC flashes something like "Screensaver suspended, computer in use."  Forget this, 
it's now more trouble than it's worth, I'm just gonna use point 'em to the screenshots on the website.

Aside from the issue of taking a screen shot of a screen saver, note 
that putting library computers on the World Community Grid will increase 
their electricity bills:

Yep yep, all over that, as far as not wanting to inadvertently cause problems for anyone...  That link 
includes this quote: "... you may see a slight increase in your electricity costs.  Exactly how much this 
increase will affect you depends on conditions where you live and how you have set your preferences."  I had 
already planned to advise that the library/school set their settings under Device profiles to either Minimum 
impact or Power saver.  I figure even if they choose minimum impact, a whole room of computers sitting idle a 
portion of the day would have at least SOME real-world impact as far as their contribution to WCG...  Thanks 
for the reminder, good thought...

FortKnox (via gimpusers.com)

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