[Gimp-user] getting a screen shot of a screensaver?

Hi, I'd like to do something, and I'm unsure it's even currently possible.  So first I'll ask if there's a 
way to do it, and if not, then I'll ask how do I submit a feature request.

So I'd like to propose to several local libraries (my town's & my school's) that they begin using World 
Community Grid (www.worldcommunitygrid.org) as the screensaver in their computer lab.  It seems like a 
win-win-- W.C.G. only uses what you're not, and has direct, real-world flesh-and-blood positive benefits.   I 
visited my school library yesterday and spoke with a lab manager.  He told me the best route to take would be 
to send an email to the I.T. dept.  So I'll work on that, but in order to help me sell this idea stronger, 
I'd like to include several screenshots of what the W.C.G.  screensaver looks like in action.  In order to do 
so, I think I'd need the Create-->Screen Shot function to have a shortcut key assigned to it.  But I could 
not for the life of me figure out how to, and believe me I tried.  EXCEPT... maybe the catch-22 is that 
pressing a shortcut key to grab a screenshot will instantly disable a screensaver.  Hmmm.... anybody have a 
clue how to go about this?


FortKnox (via gimpusers.com)
Jeff Knox
schoolofhardknox gmail com

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