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On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 4:46 AM, Robert Bruyns <vulgi-vagus hotmail com> wrote:
OK Chris, thank you very much for your helpful advice given in your email

I do wonder though if you noticed that your method transfers image seizing
from the cursor/pointer to the keyboard? And that means using both hands
when needing to change image sizes.

Yeah - I work with both hands most of the time ;)

I'd like to continue using the cursor/pointer  as an image seizing interface
though [without opening the "View" > "Zoom" pane sequence 'cos I'm lazy and
given that my el cheapo laptop has only a touchpad facility [which I didn't
mention before] most of the bottom series of keys, including "F" and "H" are
normally within the range of my fingertips when my hands are lying on the
laptop. I've therefore activated two of the closest unused keys, "comma" and
"period" as the functions suggested by yourself. It just seems to me that
all the other facilities are at the top of the screen and it would simply
make sense to have the image size selection there too...

But what the hey - as I said its no biggie and the amazing versatility of
the software [ would that MS, Apple, IBM and the various Linux applications
were so flexible ] is what I find to be sooooo awesome. GIMP allows one to
innovate to suit the specific requirements of whatever the task is.

I don't think I've duplicated any of my previous procedures. Each task has
unique needs - it's a constant evolution to which I have yet to find
limitations. Always a new method to achieve the same goal. With MS Paint I
was pretty much pushing the boundaries as I evolved compensatory techniques
to  accomplish my objectives but with GIMP I've yet to discover any serious
inadequacies. Yes, I have often bumped my head on the "Eeek" section of the
"Help" file but there is always another interesting way to do the job.
P'haps the top two or three percent of users have grumbles but I'm also very
sure they have the expertise to re-write any software with which they have

But here I'm preaching to the converted! Too much unnecessary information...

Thanks again for your response.

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