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On Monday 30 July 2012 08:51:45 jfrazierjr nc rr com wrote:

> ---- shyam megha <shyamnguitar gmail com> wrote:

> > Want to use GIMP for map publishing.Please help me with the links of

> > source

> > code download.

> >

> >

> > 1. First is procedure for compiling.

> >

> > 2. Second is customization procedure for reducing menu structure.

> >

> > 3. Also tell me how can change the logo.


> I have to laugh at this. Your first question(not numbered.. ie links of

> source code) is already answered and at least to my reading clearly

> available on the GIMP website. Your second question(item number 1, which

> at least for linux is also answered) indicates to me that you are not

> likely not a programmer.


> Quite frankly, my suggestion to you is you need to *HIRE a competent

> programmer.. PERIOD...EXCLAMATION POINT*. While compiling is not hard(on

> Linux anyway), it is a quite tedious process to make sure your build

> environment is set up correctly and then you likely have to compile a

> number of dependencies prior to actually getting to compile GIMP.

> machines. If you happen to be using Windows, quite honestly, you will

> spend FAR more time and aggravation just getting your machine set up to do

> a compile than you would to do the compile itself. Next,the biggest issue

> is not so much compiling, but compiling it is such a way as to make it

> re-distributable to other machines.


> As for items 2 and 3, well... the information is documented in the source

> code. Once you obtain a programmer to do the work, he can likely figure

> out the answer to these two items within an hour or so of time, but if not,

> he can always either a) subscribe to the developers list or b) check out

> the IRC channel to answer the question.


> What your asking for is like asking a doctor to tell gas station clerk over

> an email how to do Brain Surgery. While anyone can quickly learn the

> beginning steps(ie, save the area of the head, cut skin flap and folder

> back, carefully cut a section of skull, remove skull section, cut out

> tumor, stop bleeding, replace skull section, sew/stable skin back), the

> hard part is making sure that your finished product works(ie, the guys

> brain actually functions and he is not a vegetable, lost motor function in

> parts of his body, lost cognitive functioning).



LOL That's funny! Thanks for the laugh. ;D


Fortune cookie for Monday, July 30, 2012:


"Just think of a computer as hardware you can program."

-- Nigel de la Tierre


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