Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP Customization

On 30.07.2012 10:45, shyam megha wrote:
Want to use GIMP for map publishing.Please help me with the links of
source code download.

0. Specify what the result should be

1. First is procedure for compiling.

2. Second is customization procedure for reducing menu structure.

3. Also tell me how can change the logo.

Without 0., there's no point in doing any of the other steps - first because you won't have a way to check if you've reached your goal, and second because anyone who is willing to help is curious to know what the help is going into.

Step 2 can be done without any recompiling, because

a) you can remove any plug-ins you don't want


b) the menu layout is already customizable to some extent


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