Re: [Gimp-user] Need Gimp DPI increased

On 07/23/2012 09:35 AM, Bludigo wrote:
Dear Gimpers

Please assist me.

I took a photograph of an original work of art I had donw- 200cm x 140cm.
Saved the photo (it seems) to JPEG.
Opened the JPEG in Gimp 2.
Manipulated it using the GIMP 'Cubism' function.

Then someone approached me to purchase the manipulated image but requested the image be canvas-printed at the 
same large format as the original work of art of 200cm x 140cm.

I approached a canvas printer with this GIMP file and they claimed that my Gimp file was now too small (25cm 
x 12 cm) and too low res for the 300 dpi I needed for a quality printed canvas image of 200cm x 140 cm.

Please can someone assist me to get this GIMP file DPI up to be able to print the image large format?

Please please?


200x140cm @ 300DPI is 372Mpix.... completely unrealistic. At normal viewing distance the average human eye doesn't see any detail smaller than 1/1800 of the diagonal (which means a 6Mpix image is normally enough, whatever the physical print size) . 300DPI is also going to be finer than the canvas...

How big is your current image (in pixels, since that's the only thing that counts)?

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