[Gimp-user] Cannot enter Japanese text?

The causes of this could be all sorts of things so I do not expect other users to have this trouble at all. But here are my circumstances:

1. Running CentOS 6.3 (running GNOME 2.x and all that)
2. I have mozc installed as my Japanese input method
3. I compiled GiMP 2.8 (and a boat-load of dependencies) from source into /opt/gimp-2.8

One annoying symptom which may or may not be related is the fact that my GTK themes do not apply or carry over from my normal operating environment.

But the reason I'm writing this is that I cannot enter Japanese text into GiMP. When I open the text tool, I try to switch over to mozc and I cannot when using either CTRL-SPACE or ALT-~ (alt-grave). And I also cannot do it by clicking the IME selection thing in the systray as it says "(i) No input window" when I put the mouse to it.

I can, however, open up gedit or some other text editor, create Japanese text, copy and paste it into GiMP.

Was/is there a compile option to enable other input methods? Or GTK themes? Or for that matter command line switches or environment variables I need to set from a shell script launch routine to address either of these problems?

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