[Gimp-user] Consistency in Selection


I changed the Subject: here because I think Andreas' comments jump
out of the "For Casual Users" thread as something new, worth paying
attention to.

All us users will benefit from being more conscious of the
differences in "selected" behaviors in different parts of the GIMP
as outlined below.  I generally "approve of" the design choices
involved, but where and as possible I am also "all in favor" of
making these things as consistent across different functions as



On 07/21/2012 12:59 PM, Andreas Lemke wrote:
(Hi this is Andreas - I am sending this from a different email address)

I analyzed the following different selection types. It seems that in
Gimp each tool uses its own way of making selections. Which
introduces subtle inconsistencies. I am not saying they are
critical, but this is a place I started my analysis.

1. The Selection – a set of pixels of the image

Multi-selection: Press Shift or select mult-select icon
The Select menu seems to apply only to this type of section.

2. Layers
Multi-selection: Gimp uses a concept of chaining. Click chain icons
to select more than one layer.
This multi-selection only works for moving, scaling, flipping etc.
It doesn't work for e.g. deleting or duplicating.

3. Layer Groups
When a layer group is selected and the move tool is active: Dragging
moves not the layer group but the layer under the mouse.

4. Alignment tool:
Uses its own selection mode. Multi-select: Press shift. No toggle

5. Paths
There are different selection types for paths:
- In the path dialog a path can be selected (grey background). Path
on canvas is shown in red
- or with a blue background through clicking the path in the dialog
- with the path tool active, a path visible on the canvas can be
selected with a left click. Path becomes red and control points
become visible. I guess I am now in path edit mode.
- to select another path, I can Alt-click or select it in the path
So, when the path tool is activated, I can be in or out of edit
mode. (Why are there these two modes?). Once in edit mode I cannot
leave it without de-activating the path tool (?)

6. Path Edit Mode
Multi-selection of control points: Shift click (has toggle action);
drag moves the selection

I am a bit inspired by the original work on GUIs at Xerox PARC and
the later work on Windows and MAC, etc. The idea there was to have a
consistent selection mechanism across all types of objects. Once
again, I don't think these inconsistencies are critical but fixing
them could be a contribution to an overall improvement.


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