[Gimp-user] GIMP 2.6

Where can I get GIMP 2.6 for win64? Sorry, I am just not getting along with 2.8, specifically, no GAP. I 
cannot seem to get it to work. Also, the 2.8 interface on windows looks horrid (imho) looks like windows 
2000 and I have 7. Yeah, I use windows. I tried Ubuntu, but it just started getting buggy after 10.4. And I 
could never get jack to work properly. 

Anyway, GIMP 2.6!



Sorry for the ugly URL but that's the way copy and paste came out.  I used to install this version a lot on 
different machines because it was conveniently both 32 and 64 bit installing.

Sorry for your experiences with the Linux versions... I have been having trials and issues of my own lately.  
There are times and moments in the community when different parties seem to lose their way or their view of 
the big picture.  And really, it's hard to say who is "right" (and by elimination, who is wrong) in different 
areas because progress and stability are often mutually exclusive.

erroneus (via gimpusers.com)

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