[Gimp-user] CentOS packanges for 2.8?

I've been looking all over but there are just no CentOS (or RHEL for that matter) packages for the latest 
version of GiMP.  Compiling from source doesn't even seem to be a good option either as it looks as if it 
will break the whole OS the way things are set up.

This is no way to build an application!  Applications and OSes should never be tied so closely together.  

I like GiMP 2.8 for Windows a lot and would prefer to run it under CentOS as that is my main desktop OS.  I 
have given up on Fedora because of the unholy abomination GNOME has become.

What is a CentOS user to do?  We want a stable and consistent OS and user experience without having to 
reload/update everything after less than a year, and if I want to run a current version of Libre Office, 
there is no trouble.  I can do that.  If I want a current version of Firefox, I can do that.  But GiMP?  

Why would developers choose to shut us out like this?

erroneus (via gimpusers.com)

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