[Gimp-user] Fwd: ICC Profiles: UFRaw + GIMP => 2x correction?

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 7:50 PM, Gary Aitken <garya dreamchaser org> wrote:
I have a question regarding the use of ICC profiles in UFRaw + GIMP.

If I load an image into UFRaw and specify an ICC profile for my camera,
then output a .tiff image, that image is color-corrected.  At least that is
my assumption...

Now, if I load the .tiff image into GIMP, and again specify an ICC profile
for the camera, the image is corrected again, I think.  Which amounts to
over-correction.  Correct?

ICC is not a correction. It is a profile. It tells the application how
to interpret the colours that are encoded in the file. If you specify
an ICC profile in UFraw, that profile gets saved into the image file,
and Gimp uses that profile information when it opens the image file.
If you re-specify a new ICC profile within Gimp after you've opened
the image, you're not "over-correcting" anything, you're just doing an
extra useless step that results in nothing happening.

In your case, I'd say you've got absolutely no reason whatsoever to be
doing colour management. Sticking to standard sRGB for your entire
workflow would be entirely acceptable and would give you the best

Frank Gore
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