Re: [Gimp-user] why no difference of gaussians on layer masks? gimp 2.7.5

Hi Seth,

Thanks for the perspective. I was thinking if my world ever settled down (won't happen for a few months at best) I might try to gnaw on that a bit. Thanks again,


On 1/21/2012 4:05 PM, Seth Burgess wrote:
Hi Gary,

edge_dog isn't the most elegant of plug-ins, and behaves more like a
script than most C plug-ins; it creates temporary layers, and to do so,
uses gimp_layer_copy.  (see line
471).  So it inserts a check that the drawable is a layer before it does
anything else.

I expect that careful checks and alternate code paths could alleviate
the issue (copying masks to new layers), or it could be rewritten to do
its operations in a more self-contained way.  I'm not volunteering here,
but it doesn't seem like an insurmountable amount of work for someone


Seth Burgess

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