[Gimp-user] why no difference of gaussians on layer masks? gimp 2.7.5

Hello all,

gimp 2.7.5 on winXP, unfortunately. New hardware problems on my freebsd system. grr. Anyway...

Why won't the gimp allow me to use a difference of gaussians on a layer mask? This seems like a perfectly fine thing to do for edge detection, and indeed, other edge-detect algorithms work:

For example:
  New layer mask, from grayscale copy of layer
  Filters / edge-detect / difference of gaussians says:
    Execution error for 'Difference of Gaussians':
    Can operate on layers only (but was called on channel or mask).
  Filters / edge-detect / Edge...
    works fine

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?
Any insights would be appreciated,


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