Re: [Gimp-user] Gimp newbie trying to get a job done.

On 01/25/2012 03:52 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote: 

Ah, now I see, sort of...

Just tinkering around, I got better results on the selection after I
made a copy of the base layer (i.e. original image) and used the
Colors > Hue/Saturtation tool with the Green segment turned on, to
crank up the saturation and reduce the brightness of the green area
to enhance contrast.  (Trying to rotate the hue of the red roads to
green was disappointing - they are more brown and black than red.) 
The Color Select tool then has an easier time sorting out those
faint edges.

I took that selection, copied and pasted it as a new layer, put a
new while layer under that and merged down.  As for how to remove
the white lines where roads, streams, scale, etc. were, the first
thing that occurs to me is to turn on the Smudge tool, set its
"rate" very high (why not 100%), and start smearing.

To get your transparent overlay, duplicate the modified green and
white layer, and do Colors > Color to Alpha to make the white go
away.  This will also make the green semi-transparent - and at this
point, the extra contrast introduced earlyer may accidentally prove
beneficial.  I'm not sure where this overlay will go, but if it's
into an image, just open same, drag the last mentioned layer into
it, scale to fit, and adjust its transparency, saturation, etc as

Or something like that.  Always more than one way...



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