Re: [Gimp-user] Convert PS USM settings to Gimp

Yes I haven't found any direct conversions yet, but in the meantime
here is a page that is a great article in that the guy compares how to
use USM in Gimp, Photoshop, and ImageMagick, which I only came
across lately via Linux and mobile development research I was doing:

That's a good one. I was going to write to him and ask him something
about his site, but I'll also ask about the usm conversion.


On 4/27/12, Autoart <forums gimpusers com> wrote:
Thanks for the links Dan they are great sources. But none of them really
tells me about the relation between PS and GIMP USM settings. Myself, I
usally set radius 10 , amount 0.5 and threshold to 4 and play with the
values around those defaults a bit until I am happy, but it would be
interesting to see if someone actually knew the relation between PS and

I have never used/seen Photoshop so don't know the ratios between PS and

What are the ranges for Photoshop ie Gimp's are
Radius       0.1-120
Amount      0-10.00
Threshold   0-255

Once we have this then we can convert the PS settings and see if they look
the same in Gimp.

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