[Gimp-user] Convert PS USM settings to Gimp

Thanks for the links Dan they are great sources. But none of them really 
tells me about the relation between PS and GIMP USM settings. Myself, I 
usally set radius 10 , amount 0.5 and threshold to 4 and play with the 
values around those defaults a bit until I am happy, but it would be 
interesting to see if someone actually knew the relation between PS and GIMP USM.

I have never used/seen Photoshop so don't know the ratios between PS and GIMP USM.

What are the ranges for Photoshop ie Gimp's are
Radius       0.1-120
Amount      0-10.00
Threshold   0-255

Once we have this then we can convert the PS settings and see if they look the same in Gimp.

Autoart (via gimpusers.com)

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