Re: [Gimp-user] GIMP Site Redesign

On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 11:58:54PM -0400, Kasim Ahmic wrote:
As for the header images, in all honesty those images were just picked at complete random. I'll try to 
design different ones soon but first I need to get into contact with the web masters.

First a note to my previous post. It seemed that the site did not load
completely and the background on the text was not correctly loaded. The
text is now better to read.

That said: if you picked images for a site about image software at random,
it means to me you have not realy thought it out. At best this is a rough
idea that perhaps should have been made in some imaging software as just a

That is what is done most of the times:
1) An image (a mockup) of how a site or any interface could/should look
2) Producing the code to make it look like that

I heard there is some great software out there to create images. ;-)

I will also say it again: drop the images. They do not add anything. They
just remove space. Also I see download and downloads. Documentation and
release notes. Get involved and Gimp Develiopment. To me all the same.
That would mean that only the donation and the plug-in registry need to be
on the left side.

Donation could be anywhere. Plug-in registry could be next to "Get

A direction to go might be e.g.
Understand that this is not yet worked out. e.g. no explanation if there
should be drop downs in the menu or not. Made for one width and should
clearly be seen as a draft of a direction that MIGHT be possible.

As others have already pointed out, it is best to ask the people who
maintain it now what they need and want. Perhaps they do not want to
change the site for the next 3 years because of whatever reason. Perhaps
they already have a new design waiting to go live tomorow.

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