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Hello there. My name is Ivano Arrighetta and I'm Italian.
I had an idea which I'm looking to realize, but I have insufficient skills to build it myself.
So, while I search for interested people, I also look for something as close as possible to my idea.
The Big Project (it's the name of my project) is an editor for:
Raster, Vector and 3D graphics
multimedia formats which is able to generate, edit, open and write such multimedia types.
Additionally, the big project handles the conversion between some multimedia formats in an exotic way: OCR, Text To Speech, Speech Recognition, ASCII Art and traceout of raster graphics, while other conversions still remains like rastering, rendering, etc.
As an editor and processor, The Big Project has the features of the software on which its concepts are based, like drawing and retouching for raster graphics, primitive modeling, modifiers, animations and the like for vector and 3D graphics, video editing features, sound synthesis, sequencing, etc.
Basicly, The Big Project is inspired on: GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, FL Studio, MS Office and FrontPage, with conversions done with something like PagePro, Dragon Naturally Speaking, SAPI5 and AALib.
Required file formats are png, svg, any mesh file format, wav, mp3, ogg, ogv, avi, mp4, mpeg, midi, html, pdf, office file formats (or libre/open-office).
The Big Project doesn't have to have a GUI, nor it does need to be a single application.
The only interface requirement is consistency between tools, I mean: if I have to use the GIMP as raster editor, which is GTK and GUI, I need the other softwares to be GTK and GUI as well in order to put everything in as little external requirements as possible.
The better idea I had in order to have The Big Project is about using ImageMagick + FFMpeg + Sox from the command line, but this wont handle 3D graphics and some conversions.
I guess there are some command line tools for OCR, but I'm not aware of TTS or SR, Tracing of bitmaps and overall, 3D modeling.
Also, if I use CLI, I need the packages to interact with each other seamlessly like FFMpeg does with ImageMagick and Sox...
Anyway, if you have any suggestion for me, please let me know.

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