Re: [Gimp-gui] Tool Options - proposal to new ordering of features

On 11/08/2015 07:13 PM, Ofnuts wrote:
On 08/11/15 19:01, Jehan wrote:

I wonder how much of this really stems from the crowded Tool options
dialog, which make all of  us want our favorite settings in the top
third/quarter. When these settings show up on the canvas, space will
no longer be a problem.

Is there a proposition here? I know there have been a few propositions
of options on the canvas (wheel menu, or other special kind of menus
appearing in some ways), and these are interesting. Is it something of
the sort or different you are refering to?

The idea to put Tools options on the canvas has been floating around for
a while on the developer's list. Putting a semi-transparent dialog over
the Image would not be very obtrusive. And this could apply to other
docked dialogs as well.

Some people might like the idea of the Tools options on the canvas.

Personally I would find "Tool options on the canvas" to be incredibly intrusive, and also very difficult to read.

I don't even like having the Color Picker display "on canvas". It is very annoying to have to click the little arrow to get it off the canvas every time I use the color picker to check colors (which is often). I wish there a global option in Preferences to keep that Color Picker OFF the canvas.

So hopefully if any such "Tool options on the canvas" code is committed to git master, it will be committed right along with a corresponding option that can be set in Preferences, to keep the Tool options *off* the canvas and back in a docker.

I'm also puzzled as to how putting the Tool options on the canvas solves the issue of the order in which the options are listed. Some tools have very many options, like the Brush tool. Even on canvas, a scrollbar would often be necessary.

Even if "on canvas" meant "no scrollbar" for a given tool/monitor/image combination, if the tool options the user wants to change are not in a convenient order, then visually scanning up and down the tool options would still be required. So the ability to reorder the options would still be very helpful.


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